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That's right. An elf. Not a gnome. If you can believe it...

Born much longer ago than her memory can recall, at the ripe age of 7 seconds old the bean-like creature was put to work in the sweatshops of the North Pole, toiling away to make toys for the endless hordes of insatiable children around the globe. Given the very specific task of testing etch-a-sketches, Grave unknowingly trained her artistic abilities in those dark halls of Santa's hellhole. 

As the days blended into weeks, and the weeks into years, she found herself telling stories in the toys...Stories that reflected her own endless fate of stress-testing crap that kids would play with for 7 seconds until logging onto Roblox...

Then- The unthinkable happened. She was fired.

Santa revealed that he had automated the entire workshop, and laid off his loyal elf workforce overnight. Suddenly, thousands of elves were left without purpose, without guidance, without... Anything.

But they were free.

Of course, Graveweaver learned nothing from this and immediately began serializing a weekly webcomic. Idiot elf.

  • Accepting commercial work inquiries only.

  • Will speak at conventions in exchange for exhibition space.

  • For major projects (publishing, illustration, etc), please contact my agent Britt Siess.

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